Yami no kodomo-tachi

IMDb 6.4/10  (260)
RFF 6.8/10  (4)

Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Review: Junji Sakamoto's "Yami no Kodomotachi (Children of the Dark)," based on a novel by Yan Sogil and scripted by Sakamoto himself, is a far rawer depiction of pedophilia and its victims than anything in the "Lolita" films, but not in a pornographic sense. Instead, Salkamoto shows, with a documentary-like directness, how children caught in the web of a Thai prostitution ring are exploited, abused and, in some cases, murdered when they are no longer sexually salable. Despite its thriller plot structure, the film is a serious indictment, based on actual cases.
Movie added at: 18.03.2024

'Yami no kodomo-tachi'

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