IMDb 6.4/10  (7)

Year: 2013
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Quentin Caron, Carla Ferrer-Casanova
Review: 'Silence' is an intimate portrait of the life of a ten year old girl as an intense storm is about to descend upon her city. - IMDb
Movie added at: 29.02.2024



The Goblin
IMDb 4.7/10  (69)
RFF 5.0/10  (1)

Year: 2017
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Robert Levey II
Review: A boy imprisoned by an abusive recluse mother alone in a mansion in the 1920s begins to get ideas of his own when a goblin in his closet comforts him in the dark. - IMDb
Movie added at: 26.02.2024


'The Goblin'

IMDb 6.8/10  (120)

Year: 2023
Country: Netherlands
Actors and Actresses: Rosa van Leeuwen, Lola van Zoggel
Review: Out of the children's home and into the rusty Chevrolet: Lu is whisked away by her eccentric mother - cowboy boots, wigs and sunglasses in tow. On their road trip east, both dream of finally staying together forever. - IMDb
Movie added at: 23.02.2024


IMDb 7.4/10  (326 487)

Year: 2016
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Jaden Piner, Alex R. Hibbert
Review: Three time periods - young adolescence, mid-teen and young adult - in the life of black-American Chiron is presented. When a child, Chiron lives with his single, crack addict mother Paula in a crime ridden neighborhood in Miami. Chiron is a shy, withdrawn child largely due to his small size and being neglected by his mother, who is more concerned about getting her fixes and satisfying her carnal needs than taking care of him. Because of these issues, Chiron is bullied, the slurs hurled at him which he doesn't understand beyond knowing that they are meant to be hurtful. Besides his same aged Cuban-American friend Kevin, Chiron is given what little guidance he has in life from a neighborhood drug dealer named Juan, who can see that he is neglected, and Juan's caring girlfriend Teresa, whose home acts as a sanctuary away from the bullies and away from Paula's abuse. With this childhood as a foundation, Chiron may have a predetermined path in life, one that will only be magnified in terms of its problems when he reaches his difficult teen years when peer pressure affects what he and many of his peers do, unless he follows Juan's advice of truly making his own decisions for himself. - IMDb
Movie added at: 19.02.2024



Peace Talk
IMDb 7.0/10  (57)
RFF 6.0/10  (2)

Year: 2006
Country: Sweden
Actors and Actresses: Ylva Larsson, Josefina Blomberg
Review: A pair of young girls play at being soldiers. - IMDb
Movie added at: 15.02.2024

'Peace Talk'

IMDb 8.4/10  (101 884)
RFF 8.0/10  (1)

Year: 2018
Country: Lebanon
Actors and Actresses: Boluwatife Treasure Bankole, Zain Al Rafeea, Haita 'Cedra' Izzam
Review: A politically-charged fable, featuring mostly non-professional actors, about a child who launches a lawsuit against his parents. - IMDb
Movie added at: 12.02.2024



Lord of Illusions
IMDb 6.0/10  (19 005)
RFF 7.0/10  (1)

Year: 1995
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Ashley Tesoro, Mikey LeBeau
Review: During a routine case in L.A., NY private investigator Harry D'Amour stumbles over members of a fanatic cult, who are waiting for the resurrection of their leader Nix. 13 years ago, Nix was calmed down by his best trainee Swann. In the meantime Swann is advanced to a popular illusionist like David Copperfield and is married to the charming Dorothea. She hires D'Amour to protect Swann against the evil cult members. A short time later Swann is killed by one of his own tricks and the occurrences are turning over, and it crackles between Dorothea and D'Amour. - IMDb
Movie added at: 08.02.2024

'Lord of Illusions'


Year: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Actors and Actresses: Merlijn Remmig
Movie added at: 05.02.2024


Udivitelnyy malchik
IMDb 4.4/10  (12)
RFF 6.3/10  (3)

Year: 1971
Country: Soviet Union
Actors and Actresses: Nikita Golubentsev, Zane Lieldija
Review: The rich man Bubnila, who in every way knocks out taxes from the townspeople, discovers in the laboratory of his debtor - Art, a professor of all kinds of sciences, a mechanical toy - a boy with transparent blue eyes. He decides that he can make a fortune on this invention. But soon the rich man has a competitor - the insidious doctor Capa, who orders his bandits to find and kidnap the robot. The doctor dreams of finding out the principle by which this robot is assembled, and creating a thousand of exactly the same boys. He will no longer need henchmen, as one robot will replace ten gangsters. - IMDb
Movie added at: 01.02.2024

'Udivitelnyy malchik'

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