Le maillot de bain
IMDb 7.1/10  (139)
RFF 7.3/10  (4)

Year: 2013
Country: France
Actors and Actresses: Roger Manning
Review: On holiday on a campsite by the seaside, Remy, 10, is fascinated by Stephan, 35, the father of one of his playmates. This is a new, confusing feeling for him. Nobody knows what he is going through especially not handsome Stephan. - IMDb
Movie added at: 22.04.2024

'Le maillot de bain'


Year: 2022
Country: Switzerland
Actors and Actresses: Rose Grosso
Review: Mara, an introverted girl who lost her father several years ago, doesn't practice water dance anymore. Haunted by her anxieties, she is in constant conflict with her little sister and her mother, who is trying to rebuild her life. - IMDb
Movie added at: 18.04.2024



The Elusive
IMDb 7.4/10  (29)
RFF 5.5/10  (2)

Year: 2016
Country: Belgium
Actors and Actresses: Igor van Dessel
Review: A woman struggles to mitigate her young adolescent son's dubious contact with another child at the neighborhood swimming pool. - IMDb
Movie added at: 15.04.2024

'The Elusive'

A zöld torony
IMDb 7.3/10  (20)
RFF 6.0/10  (2)

Year: 1985
Country: Hungary
Actors and Actresses: Olivér Tóth, Kata Janza
Movie added at: 11.04.2024

'A zöld torony'

Infancia clandestina
IMDb 7.0/10  (2 669)
RFF 7.0/10  (2)

Year: 2011
Country: Argentina, Spain, Brazil
Actors and Actresses: Teo Gutiérrez Moreno, Violeta Palukas, Joel Sebastián Serrano
Review: Juan lives in clandestinity. Just like his mum, his dad and his adored uncle Beto, outside his home he has another name. At school, Juan is known as Ernesto. And he meets María, who only has one name. Based on true facts, set in the Argentina of 1979, this film is "one about love". - IMDb
Movie added at: 08.04.2024


'Infancia clandestina'

IMDb 6.1/10  (36)

Year: 2022
Country: Greece
Actors and Actresses: Marilia Florou
Review: The 9-year-old girl spends the day swimming in the pool. Her eyes sting from the chlorine in the water. The man's eyes are red too although he spends the day in the bedroom. - IMDb
Movie added at: 04.04.2024


South of the Moon
IMDb 6.4/10  (191)
RFF 7.7/10  (3)

Year: 2008
Country: Canada
Actors and Actresses: Jonathan Bosco, Jake McLeod
Review: South of the Moon is the story of a young boy and his uncle, one dealing with the complexity and confusion of adolescence, the other with the pain and torment of regret. It is the story of well-intentioned people, flawed and imperfect by nature, in their personal quest for love, acceptance and redemption - IMDb
Movie added at: 01.04.2024

'South of the Moon'

Secretos del corazón
IMDb 7.0/10  (2 028)
RFF 6.0/10  (4)

Year: 1997
Country: France, Portugal, Spain
Actors and Actresses: Álvaro Nagore, Íñigo Garcés, Andoni Erburu
Review: Javi and his friend Carlos visit an old house on the outskirts of a small Spanish village. According to his brother Juan this is a haunted house and one can hear the voices of the dead. Later he is intrigued with a room which is always closed (the room where his father was found dead). He is so interested in these mysteries that he starts to investigate all the secrets of these dead people and their stories. - Marcos Eduardo Acosta Aldrete, IMDb
Movie added at: 28.03.2024


'Secretos del corazón'

IMDb 4.3/10  (128)

Year: 2014
Country: Finland
Actors and Actresses: Tiitus Rantala, Sami Hussein, Nuutti Konttinen
Review: CHANGES Living in the suburb in Eastern Helsinki, Antti (12) and Muhis (12), have been best friends since kindergarten. Their friendship comes under a test when a local racist-drunkard one night attacks Muhis. In the midst of the struggle, Antti accidentally shoves the man from a cliff into the sea. Boys swear never-ever to tell anybody; Until they die... - IMDb
Movie added at: 25.03.2024




Year: 2024
Country: Canada
Actors and Actresses: Anaïs Lalande, Laurence Ménard
Review: -Following a traumatic event at her grandparents' home, 10-year-old Rose embarks on an obsessive quest to see and understand the forbidden world of adults for herself. - IMDb
Movie added at: 21.03.2024


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