Hadashi no Gen
IMDb 7.6/10  (87)

Year: 1976
Country: Japan
Review: The story of Gen Nakaoka and his family, who lived in Hiroshima at the time it was atom-bombed, and their struggles and trials amidst the nuclear holocaust. - IMDb
Movie added at: 28.12.2023

'Hadashi no Gen'

IMDb 7.7/10  (90)

Year: 2011
Country: South Africa
Actors and Actresses: Paul Loots
Review: Based on the Jan van Tonder novel with the same title. It tells the story of a 1966 railway community, told through the eyes of an eleven year old boy, called Timus. Timus and his family are trapped within the structural violence caused by the government and the church at the time. An unlikely hero, Joon, often appears to save Timus and these acts of kindness is seen by Timus as miracles. Timus tells the story of Joon and also his own coming of age and loss of innocence and how Joon tries to give a little of that lost innocence back to Timus. Nobody shares this point of view with Timus, Joon however goes on to save this whole community at the end. It is a story with unforgettable characters and it combines the magical world of childhood beautifully with the realistic world we live in. - IMDb
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IMDb 6.0/10  (943)
RFF 6.0/10  (1)

Year: 2022
Country: Australia
Actors and Actresses: Julia Savage, Theo Masters
Review: After accidentally witnessing a violent crime, a young girl is left catatonic with shock, and struggles to make sense of what she saw, ultimately finding renewal in the inestimable world of her own imagination. - IMDb
Movie added at: 21.12.2023



Het leven volgens Nino
IMDb 6.5/10  (176)
RFF 8.0/10  (1)

Year: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Actors and Actresses: Rohan Timmermans, Arend Bouwmeester
Review: Life is good for Nino van Doorn (8). He has a terrific brother Lucas (14), wise father Bruno and an angel of a mother, Marla. When Marla dies, Bruno can't cope with her death. Also the values like order, responsibility, love and care they represented. The two brothers create their own world. But soon the anarchistic world is threatened by the outside world. The two brothers are prepared to fool the system but what happens is that they really become a family again. - IMDb
Movie added at: 18.12.2023


'Het leven volgens Nino'

Delo za toboy!
IMDb 6.0/10  (9)
RFF 8.0/10  (1)

Year: 1983
Country: Soviet Union
Actors and Actresses: Misha Baburov, Igor Sorokin, Vasiliy Krivun, Maryana Polteva, Lena Shcheglova, Masha Chechik, Ira Dubakina, Andrei Komarov
Review: A city girl comes to visit her brother on vacation. The kids from the village mistakenly take her for a swimming champion.
Movie added at: 14.12.2023


'Delo za toboy!'

Sterne über uns
IMDb 6.7/10  (209)

Year: 2019
Country: Germany
Actors and Actresses: Claudio Magno, Leon Kamps
Review: The story of a single mother struggling to regain control of her life. While living rough in a forest she fights to find a place in the world for her and her son, but her earnest attempts are continually thwarted. - IMDb
Movie added at: 11.12.2023

'Sterne über uns'

Frisson des collines
IMDb 6.7/10  (461)
RFF 6.5/10  (8)

Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Actors and Actresses: Alice Morel-Michaud, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, William Monette
Review: Even in rural Quebec in 1969 things were changing. A twelve year old boy, in love with his attractive teacher decides to fulfill his dream of seeing Jimi Hendrix in Woodstock with his father. But life decides otherwise. His father dies, causing his mother to lose grip with reality. His sister reciprocally falls in love with the village's priest, his best friend is repeatedly beaten by his father and the new teacher appeals more to his tastes than a young girl about his age. Will he succeed? - IMDb
Movie added at: 07.12.2023


'Frisson des collines'

El Último Vagón
IMDb 7.1/10  (1 120)

Year: 2023
Country: Mexico
Actors and Actresses: Frida Sofía Cruz Salinas, Kaarlo Isaac, Diego Montessoro, Ikal Paredes
Review: Georgina is a teacher determined to make a difference in the lives of the children she educates in the classroom of a wagon school in rural Mexico. - IMDb
Movie added at: 04.12.2023


'El Último Vagón'

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