Kid Svensk

IMDb 6.0/10  (567)
RFF 6.4/10  (11)

Year: 2007
Country: Finland, Sweden
Actors and Actresses: Mia Saarinen, Jim Rautiainen, Johannes Jeskanen, Toni Turtiainen, Sanna Jeskanen, Alexander Lamminmäki, Olli Muttonen, Agnes Sörensen
Review: The extreme highs and lows of a Finnish child growing up in 1980s Sweden are explored with both spunk and compassion in Nanna Huolman’s Kid Svensk (That Special Summer). Following the particular children’s logic that neatly seems to divide everything in either the best or the worst of times, the film nicely illustrates the growing pains of a lovable little girl while also touching on larger problems associated with immigrant children and single-parenting. -
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'Kid Svensk'

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