Bastard Out of Carolina
IMDb 7.3/10  (4 600)
RFF 6.2/10  (12)

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Actors and Actresses: Jena Malone, Christina Ricci, Jamison Stewart, Timothy Stewart, Kelsey Elizabeth Boulware, Lindley Mayer
Review: In post-WWII South Carolina, a young woman named Anney gives birth to an illegitimate child, nicknamed Bone. A few years later, Anney marries the seemingly decent Glen, who does not get along with Bone. Annie's miscarriage of a boy enrages her husband, who, behind his wife's back, begins to physically abuse Bone on a regular basis. After Anney discovers what her husband has been doing, she leaves Glen. But her need for a man's love eventually compels her to return to Glen, setting the stage for a heinous incident between Glen and his stepdaughter. As a result, a rift forms between mother and daughter -- that may never be healed. - Yahoo
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'Bastard Out of Carolina'

Alla älskar Alice
IMDb 5.7/10  (1 039)
RFF 7.5/10  (25)

Year: 2002
Country: Sweden
Actors and Actresses: Anastasios Soulis, Marcus Ardai-Blomberg, Bisse Unger, Li Lundblom, Natalie Björk
Review: A dramatic love story of a man, two women and three children. When love suddenly explodes in these people's lives it creates a pressure wave that changes the lives of everyone. Johan is married with Lotta and has two children, when Johan and his colleague Anna falls in love with one another. A love that causes anger, hate, joy and eventually new possibilities. - IMDb
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'Alla älskar Alice'

IMDb 4.9/10  (404)
RFF 6.4/10  (16)

Year: 1973
Country: West Germany
Actors and Actresses: Felix Rakosi, Christine von Stratowa, Sonja Jeannine
Review: In this documentary style comedy/drama by Ernst Hofbauer, several vignettes explore the sexuality of youth, and recommend how parents should react to it.
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Kunsten at græde i kor
IMDb 7.3/10  (2 340)
RFF 4.3/10  (4)

Year: 2006
Country: Denmark
Actors and Actresses: Jannik Lorenzen, Julie Kolbech
Review: Follows a precocious, eleven-year-old Allan, who tries desperately to keep his dysfunctional, rural family together during the social upheavals of the early seventies. Allan reveres his father, Henry, the local milkman, and can't understand why others don't feel the same way. His family life is so twisted he thinks it's perfectly normal to stay awake all night dealing with his father's hysterics and suicidal threats. Allan's older brother left town several years ago, and his mother gave up long before that, relying on sleeping pills to escape Henry's tantrums. Allan then becomes obsessed with a rival family, whom he considers foolish white trash until they start taking away Henry's customers. He is frustrated that his mother doesn't take his father's complaints seriously, and is perplexed by the increasingly rebellious and bizarre behavior of his sister, Sanne. Incapable of understanding what's going on and heavily influenced by his father, Allan commits appalling acts, unaware of their import. - IMDb
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'Kunsten at græde i kor'

Der Grüne Heinrich
IMDb 5.8/10  (140)
RFF 7.2/10  (27)

Year: 1993
Country: Switzerland, France, Germany
Actors and Actresses: Andreas Schmid
Review: It is carnival time in Munich and participants are overindulging in alcohol and sensual pleasures. "Follow us into madness" beckons Lys who is drunk on life, but the sensitive Henry does not follow him. Lys has betrayed his fiance, as Henry once betrayed his lost love Anna. In memory of Anna and his cruel Dickensian childhood, Henry challenges Lys to a duel to try to appease his guilt. - David Kinne, IMDb
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'Der Grüne Heinrich'

Amor Estranho Amor
IMDb 5.8/10  (1 240)
RFF 6.8/10  (32)

Year: 1982
Country: Brazil
Actors and Actresses: Marcelo Ribeiro
Review: São Paulo, 1937. Hugo is a12-year-old teenage boy who came from Santa Catarina, being brought by his grandmother to return him to his mother, Anna who is a lover of Osmar, the the most influential politician in the state. She lives in a luxurious mansion with several other young ladies, all led by Laura and serving the political maneuvering of Osmar, who uses the house for parties and orgies in order to impress and please possible political allies. The arrival of the boy coincides with the day of a great farewell party that will be given to Benício, the most influential and powerful politician from another state. This makes Laura very upset because she does not want anything to get out of. Thus Hugo is accommodated in a room in the attic, but he is disturbed in the house, where circumstances make him always surrounded by young women, who start provoking him and even wanting him. Tamara is the young woman who is most interested in Hugo. Newly arrived at the house and coming from Santa Catarina, it is a "virgin" genre and it is especially there to be given to Benicio, who never "jumped the fence". In the morning comes the news that dictatorial measures were taken by the government, changing the political situation. - IMDb
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'Amor Estranho Amor'

Piccole labbra
IMDb 5.4/10  (790)
RFF 6.8/10  (31)

Year: 1978
Country: Spain, Italy
Actors and Actresses: Katya Berger
Review: A famous writer returns home from war. Embittered over his wounds and tormented by visions of his former lover, thoughts of suicide seem to be the only solution.....but then she happens, Katya, a young innocent girl on the brink of exploring her own sexuality. His love for her grows into an obsession. That, at first, renews his life!
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'Piccole labbra'

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